Ride Fare

Your Ride — Just a Tap Away

Secure | Comfortable | Affordable

We ensure that your experience is relaxing, way before the trip even begins.
We start by informing you about your driver's details — recent photo, name, rating, and license plate number — so you know exactly who will pick you up.

Our professional drivers are trained.
·       They are friendly, courteous, licensed, insured, and bonded.
·       They are respectful of your privacy and mindful of your preference for a casual conversation.
·       Our drivers are responsible too. You can contact them if you remember that you’ve forgotten something behind. They’ll ensure that if you have, that it is entrusted back to you!

The Fare Advantage

Fare is transforming the transportation service industry. We have set high standards to achieve our goals:

A Commitment to Your Safety

At Fare, we continuously pour investment into making rides safe for our riders — before, during, and after the trip. We deploy proven technologies and employ stringent maintenance schedules. Our professional drivers are trained, and regularly instructed to, abide by local laws and Fare best practices. Together, we ensure that you are not just physically safe, but also feel safe throughout the ride.

·       Stringent Background Checks — No Fare driver is allowed on our platform before undergoing extensive background and personality checks. Only the top candidates are short-listed, and then educated and trained before being allowed access to the Fare platform.

·       Healthy and Good-Natured Agents — Fare never taxes its professional drivers with undue or unnecessarily hectic job routine. We believe that the only way Fare drivers can live up to Fare standards of safety and professionalism is when they are well rested with a good state of mind. We ensure that by creating a work schedule where our drivers get to relax and rejuvenate. This ensures that you always receive the best service every time.

·       End-to-End Monitoring — to ensure your peace of mind, we ensure that every pickup is covered by commercial auto insurance. The Fare App is backed by continuous monitoring of road conditions, driver response, and client feedback (if any) to ensure that you are receiving the best experience. We believe that our drivers and vehicles are in the most secure, and healthy shape possible.

A Commitment to Door-to-Door Pickup

Fare Apps uses your device's GPS to detect your location and then connects you with the nearest available driver.

Fare Apps are built on the latest tracking technologies and employ one of the most robust tracking algorithms in the industry. This allows our app to automatically pinpoint your location and generate an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for your Fare Driver — ensuring that you remain comfortable until your ride arrives.

The Fare App lets you track the current location of your driver, see her/his detailed profile, and easily contact them via text or call, all within the Fare App whenever you need to. Additionally, we will text you when the ride arrives.

A Commitment to Transparency and Accountability

With Fare, your feedback brings change.

We have our standards but we rely on our clients to improve it. For Fare, your feedback is not simply a star rating, or a short review, rather it is guide to how we should be doing what we are doing.

During or after the trip you can openly and anonymously offer feedback about your ride and the driver. Your feedback will remain anonymous from the driver and will be used to review their performance (immediately if required, or as per our regular review meetings) and hence improve the Fare experience.

A Commitment to Clear Pricing

With Fare, you get the pricing up front — No hidden costs, taxes, or additional charges.

You simply enter your pickup and drop-off locations in the app, gain the fare estimate for the trip, and electronically pay with the payment method on file. Soon you will also be able to pay in cash.