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Become part of the Fare network of professional transportation agents.


Our induction process is grueling, but we are committed to caring for our agents.


Fare is all about being receptive to the needs of the clients it is serving and the people aiding to achieve that: the professional agents and employees of the partnering companies.


You are a Client, too — because that’s Fare!


We are committed to ensuring the safety of our clients — You as our agent and the client entrusted to your care.


Ensuring that you and Fare clients are safely connected requires implementation of strict safety standards and offering end-to-end monitoring. Our safety precautions ensure mutual safety and respect throughout the ride.


A Commitment to the Safety, Protection, and Respect of Our Agents.


Hard-working, professional, and courteous agents are the key to the success of the Fare platform. We believe that without their dedication we will not be able to offer the overall experience of comfort, security, and cost-effectiveness we are committed to offering our clients at every ride.


Hence, we are committed to serving you as well, ensuring that you feel safe, equally protected, and respected at every stretch and turn of your ride, with and without Fare clients.


Fare Protects You from The Risk and Hassle of Carrying Cash


The Fare App’s primary mode of transaction is through electronic payments, protecting you from the risk of safeguarding cash and the hassle of carrying it and making change.


The fares are conveniently charged to your rider’s credit card. Soon, you will be able to accept cash payments as well.


Fare Protects Your Safety and Agent Rating with Two-Way Feedback


We believe in transparency and objectively listening to our riders’ feedback.


But for Fare, your feedback counts too. We take your safety and that of your vehicle seriously.


Fare allows its agents to give feedback and rate clients as well. If you find a rider’s behavior abusive, threatening, or in violation of Fare terms of service, you can report it immediately. Fare will take necessary actions, including closing their access to its systems and services.


With Fare there are not Random Pick-ups


Fare protects you from hitchhiking, frauds, and swindles. All Fare riders are explicitly required to create and authenticate a personal account — with required personal details and optional payment information. Hence, a ride from you can only be requested through the app, ensuring that Fare can track and maintain record of riders and their trips.


Learn more about Fare, its services and policies through the Fare Support and Contact Us page!