Hello there!

Welcome to Fare!

We're just getting started!

Our goal is to give you a great experience in every ride but we want to earn your loyalty with every turn as well. We launched in Los Angeles and have expansion plans to hit 39 markets soon.

We want you to be a part of our success and enjoy all the benefits. As we grow we want your feed-back and support and we will do what's Fare... give you some perks. You can join our rewards program on Indiegogo and choose the level perks you want to enjoy.

There is much more in-store and will keep you updated as to the great things yet to come!

A Fare Promise!

We offer an experience.

A relaxing, safe, comfortable, and endearing ride — in the shortest time possible; with affordable and transparent upfront pricing. Zero hidden costs and driven by professionally trained, courteous, insured, and bonded drivers.